Height: 2⅞ in / 7.3 cm
Width: 2⅞ in / 7.3 cm
Depth: 1⅜ in / 3.5 cm
Weight: 9 oz / 255 g
Temperatures: 320° F – 480° F (160° C – 249° C)
USB-C Charging
10 Year Warranty

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The Haze Square Pro is the latest game-changing vaporizer in the market, made in the states. Featuring four chambers, consider it a double version of the Haze Dual V3, which only has two chambers. After years of research and development, Haze Technologies came out with more than expected. First of all, you can vaporize herbs, oils and concentrates. Also, it comes with other impressive features you will love.

Innovative design

The Haze Square Pro is one of the most innovative and versatile vaporizers ever. No vaporizer has more than four chambers in the market yet. These chambers are suitable for all the materials it can vaporize. So, you can fill it with whatever you want. Another handy feature of this device is the retractable mouthpiece for better portability. There is also an indicator on the side of the invention that tells you which chamber is currently in use.

Simple temperature setting

The convection vaporizer comes with pre-set temperatures – to complement the easy material switch, With the plus and minus buttons, you can switch between the preset temperature levels. The vaporizer will vibrate when it reaches the temperature. There are five temperatures available for you to set through the app, within the range of 320°F to 480°F.

Unique vaporizing experience

HAZE SQUARE PRO, The Haze Square Pro comes with a Mac and Windows App to customize your vaporizer. With this, you can see your session history and save temperature presets. You can even customize the Square LED color and vibration feedback. It’s a unique experience because you can switch between materials at will. Imagine changing from herbs then waxes in a 5-minute session; all you have to do is turn the section of the vaporizer. Then you may inhale the essence of both materials for an out-of-the-world experience. buy HAZE SQUARE PRO

Fast charge

Haze Pro vaporizer uses USB-C, to keep up with the latest gadgets. As a result, the vaporizer charges in only 30 minutes! Plus, you no longer need to check if you put the USB head wrong. To top it up, the Haze Square Pro comes with a massive 2000mAh battery that allows you to enjoy extended sessions on the go.


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