Candy jack

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Flavors : Citrus, Fruity, Pine, Skunky, Sweet
Effects : Creative, Energizing, Focus, Happy, Relaxing, Sociable
May Relieve: Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Epilepsy, Fatigue, Headaches, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Stress


Candy Jack

Who needs coffee when the Candy Jack cannabis strain is around? Best saved for experienced consumers, whip out Candy Jack for morning time focus.

Those who love to wake n’ bake will find a friend in Candy Jack. An excellent substitute for your morning cup of joe, this high-spirited strain offers consumers an energizing way to start the day. Best saved for the canna-experienced, this plant has tested as high as 27 percent THC. This suggests that Candy Jack can be one heavy-hitting herb. It’s best to start low and go slow with this potent yet sociable sativa flower.


Happy and upbeat, this marijuana flower has a knack for inspiring a positive attitude. This plant is thought to be safe for morning consumption. Invigorating, this cannabis strain is a vital tool for anyone who struggles to maintain focus or needs a little help getting things done.

Not only do chores feel less boring with this Jack Herer relative, but this powerful stress-fighting flower makes it easy to get through the day with minimal mental and emotional resistance.

Creative and thought-provoking, this lofty herb oft inspires interesting conversation. As potent, you can share this psychoactive flower with canna-savvy friends for a fun evening out.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways.

  • Medical Benefits of 

    • Feeling overwhelmed? This cannabis strain commonly consumed for relief from chronic stress.
    • Depression, chronic fatigue, and brain fog are additional reasons why medical cannabis consumers pick up this strain.
    • The strong anti-inflammatory effects of this medicinal herb make this strain useful to those with inflammatory pain, like arthritis patients.

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9 reviews for Candy jack

  1. Sol_train

    At first, the taste was very powerful and has a pine fruity flavor. After smoking it a couple of times it went down smooth. The effect took a little but totally worth it. It makes you feel happy, uplifted and Relaxed. Smoking this right now and it does work wonders after a long day of work it definitely makes you feel a lot better and calm. Definitely recommend

  2. carts4dayz

    I picked up some Candy Jack last week. For the past month or so, I had only been able to get some bad weed. It did the job if you smoked enough but it was pretty shit. However, I’m passed that now and I got some of this primo delicious Candy Jack. It usually takes about 5-8 hits to really get me going but I was put down by 2. This strain kicked my ass and shot me up with euphoria. It smells and tastes like cotton candy and makes you feel awesome. Medical-grade strain in my opinion. Hyper potent and I didn’t even realize how much anxiety or bad vibes I had until I was high on this shit. Nothing but good vibes and great feelings of positivity. Super happy I came across the strain.

  3. LoveCrystalz94

    I read a review where someone said that they felt like the next day the calming effects were still there n if I didn’t smoke this ONLY STRAIN TO DO THIS,I would have said bullshit, but if I smoke at night, the next day my anxiety n stress level is super low and I am on forty mg of Valium a day for my pathological anxiety n the next day after I partake in this strain at night I am noticeably like SUPER noticeably calmer than usual I actually don’t even need my Valium the next day tho my anxiety is super severe….Many of u may call bullshit on this cuz I would have called bullshit on the fact that the next day it helps u too but I swear to Christ, this is the only strain to keep me in a relaxed state of mind at work n all the next day without smoking that day…No weed hasEVER been beneficial to me the next day cuz that’s not how bud works but I sear to all unsay sayers try this strain especially if u have sever anxiety n bipolar or depression n u will be AS SUPRISED AS I WAS that the next day it helps if used the night before…believe me it sounds like total bullishness t but this is the first strain to even KIND OF DO THAT FOR ME. I’ve smoked hundreds of strains n none of them helped my anxiety the next day (n stress level).. try it n u will call bullshit no more I am a connoisseur.thanks for the delivery tho

  4. Chrisideleon

    I have a cart of this right now. OMG! it taste so good, and it hits amazing. It starts with a calm head effect then a bust of engery. at least for me. I LOVE this strain.

  5. RJtheCunning

    Oftentimes the effects of cannabis are akin to surfing. Out on the ocean with your board, you may find yourself in rhythm with the waves as they curl. Other times, you may find yourself in an anxious panic, fighting the unforgiving sea. What’s important to remember in this situation, as with cannabis, is that it too shall pass, and one cannot fight the sea, but rather flow with it. Paddle out with Candy Jack and the first wave you’ll find is a gentle physical relaxation, supplemented by a mental “clearing of the cache.” The second wave brings energy and motion, with sparks of creativity. It’s that feeling of when you’re deep in the tube, brah.

  6. Aprilsh19

    Did a few dabs of candy jack. Hit me pretty hard, mostly feel disconnected from my body and in tune completely with my mind. Sat down focused on drawing for quite a bit, simultaneously listened to Fleetwood Mac. Would recommend.

  7. Orangeboy773

    Energizing, slightly hallucinogenic. I wouldn’t use at bedtime, but I would use with a group of old friends to stir up some laughter. thanks for the delivery man

  8. Greengazer

    Very uplifting and beautifully fragrant, with heady nugs and a nice flavour. This strain offers bursts of energy with a nice cerebral glow. Great for daytime enjoyment 👍🏻

  9. StickyfingahZ

    “I’m on it right now” and I Love it……feels good man.
    Very positive,uplifting and I’m not concerned with my pain.I can still feel the pain, but it’s not important. I’ve had a pretty crazy day and being all stressed out and in pain,this Juicy Jack washed it away. I’m happy, I love my life and there’s no where else I’d ratherbe,then being me,right here right now.AURYTE!

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