Dr. Norm”s peanut butter chocolate therapy cookies are delectable mini morsels made with pure CBD. They’re non-psychoactive and great for helping with restlessness, stress, pain and inflammation. 10 servings per bag.Each serving contains 15mg CBD.

CBD Only – 15mg CBD per Cookie

Peanut butter chocolate is the first new flavor released since the founding of the company, so you know it tastes AMAZING! Made with all natural and organic ingredients, the cookie is 100% vegan.

Each delectable, bite-size cookie is infused with pure, medical-grade CBD extract.  This enables us to delivery powerful and effective medication in a cookie that tastes absolutely amazing!

Every bag contains 10 cookies with 15mg CBD in each cookie, for a total of 150mg CBD.

Directions for use: take one cookie and wait up to two full hours to determine its full effect.

Do not combine with alcohol or other controlled substances.

Introducing Dr. Norm’s NEW Vegan Pure CBD Peanut Butter Chocolate Therapy.   Each delectable cookie is infused with 15mg of 100% Pure CBD.  The bag contains 10 cookies for a total of 150mg CBD.  This is our first new flavor since the beginning so you KNOW it tastes amazing.  Made with all natural and organic ingredients and 100% VEGAN.  This cookie satisfies the need for a substantial dose of CBD – in a delicious bite sized VEGAN morsel!


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