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Kosher kush is an award-winning indica known for it’s ptent, full-bodied high. The strain originated in los Angeles and was immediately recognized for it’s deeply relaxing high accompanied by a heaviness that sets in throughout the users entire body, making kkosher kush a favorite amongst evening consumers. Contains a single preroll with 1.0g flower

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Loudpack’s Kosher Kush Pre-Roll tastes fantastic. The smoke is clean, sweet, and lemony, typically resulting in a potent high. Once you get past the dry eyes, you’ll probably notice a wave of calm wash over you. This relaxing high can get you faded behind the eyes, usually winding down and leaving you sleepy.

10 reviews for Buy kosher kush pre-roll online

  1. kcooke

    This is a great night time strain. Relaxing nice smoke.

  2. Jskdoe

    My body is heavy but my heart is weightless. This is a fantastic strain to unwind at home after a long day when all is done. The effect will leave you warm and painless. It’s a strong indica that will get you couchlocked and content. Kosher kush can pacify the most agitated soul. The smell is pungent and spicy and the taste brings to mind quintessential kush strains.

  3. pascalchapo

    Great Indica. Very relaxing and euphoric with good cerebral effects.

  4. pascalchapo

    special flavor …this strains is strains of choice not just for the buzz taste off paradise lol!! indica fanatik try this

  5. ChronicLegacy

    I cannot more highly recommend this strain. Definitely put me in a great place both mentally and physically. It calmed my nerves and I was still able to be productive and go about my day. If you choose Kosher Kush, just know you made a solid choice 🤙

  6. longlasted

    Really nice and mellow, relaxing but not sedating. It obliterates my nausea after one small puff which is amazing. Not really mood uplifting

  7. longlasted

    love it, just as good as master kush. great crop, and easy to grow in every environment. can someone, somehow show me how to post pics? lol

  8. GenoSuave92

    Was definitely some heat, earthy taste. Smooth put me on my ass

  9. bokey

    one of my top 5 faves… I used to smoke this strain daily doing landscaping in North Carolina

  10. Ramadi387

    Kosher Kush is a great treat with some unique characteristics! I had almost no head high which was perfect for watching Christmas movies with the family. The body high is very strong almost like a strong muscle relaxer. Give it a try if you are looking for a break from the holidays!

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