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These delicious chocolate chip cookies are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Each cookies is perfect dosed with clear distillate which means they pack a powerful punch without the “weedy” taste! 10 serving per package.

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These delectable little cookies are from our mom’s original “famous” recipe. Your first bite will reveal a satisfying crunchy outside, yet a delicious, soft and chewy inside. They’re filled with mini chocolate chips and finely chopped pecans, with a surprise crunch from Heath Bar toffee bits.

Each delectable, bite-size cookie is infused with pure, medical-grade THC extract.  This enables us to delivery powerful and effective medication in a cookie that tastes absolutely amazing!

Every bag contains 20 cookies with 5mg THC in each cookie, for a total of 100mg THC.

Directions for use: take one cookie and wait up to two full hours to determine its full effect.

4 reviews for Buy CHOCOLATE CHIP THERAPY online

  1. Krabie

    I have chronic joint pain and migraines. I’m also super sensitive to THC. The fact that these come in carefully measured small doses is a lifesaver- they’re not overpowering. They’re also SOOOOO tasty, the toffee in there really elevates them past standard chocolate chip cookie status.

  2. ksilvalegal

    I suffer from migraines and truly believe I found relief with these cookies. Thank you!

  3. Tori_tokes87

    I’ve tasted alot of edibles including cookies and these are amazing! I get chronic migraines and within the hour of eating one 5mg cookie, I start feeling relief. I also get terrible menstrual cramps after having my daughter so these are also amazing to relieve that discomfort. Highly recommend for anyone to try out edibles or for the experienced stoner too!

  4. GRPhotography

    “Can’t just eat one of them!” Actually you can! The perfect dose. Just want to chill – eat a 5mil. Want a bit more? Have another. You will want to eat another because they taste so good, but if you’re not careful you could eat the whole bag! The perfect replacement for that after work drink. Available in 10mil and 15mil but I recommend just microdose with the 5’s because who doesn’t want another tasty cookie! Awesome Job Doc!

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