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Experience the distinct clarity of CBD, an effect that’s non-psychoactive and very different than typical THC edibles. Crafted from the popular strain,ACDC, this raw super food is a delicious, effective, and versatile edible that brings a subtle but powerful mood elevating effect. 0m CBD Raw Cacao can be enjoyed with spoon, on fruit, nuts toast, or with any milk(try it with hemp milk!) 4 servings pr jar.

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High-CBD ACDC cannabis in delicious raw cacao

This is a delicious and divine nutrient dense superfood and is packed with vitamins and minerals that releases an array of “feel good” chemicals in your body

Om Edibles’ CBD Infused Raw Cacao comes in a jar of silky smooth goodness. The result is like a calming cooldown. Have a spoonful when you’re looking for post-workout recovery, or melt some in a mug of hot chocolate.

This is a delicious and divine nutrient dense superfood. Before Cacao is cooked (and processed into cocoa) it is the highest antioxidant containing food on the planet. Packed with vitamins and minerals it releases an array of “feel good” chemicals in your body (anandamide – the bliss molecule, serotonin, and many more). The CBD is non-psychoactive, antiemetic, antipsychotic, anxiolytic, anti -depressant, antioxidant, antitumoral, anti-cancer, anticonvulsant, anti inflammatory, and anti-viral just to name a few. This Cacao can be added to any milk of your choice (we love hemp!) at a low temp for a truly indulgent drink or enjoyed with fruit or a spoon.



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