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This is a true mixture of diamonds and sauce in liquid form! As the name suggests, Liquid Diamonds™. “Diamonds” are the THCA crystals that contain mainly THC but fairly low amounts of terpenes, making them highly potent but generally low in flavor. “Sauce” refers to the high terpene count concentrate that brings a lot of flavor into the mix but carries lower amounts of THC. Buddies Brand™ is able to bring both together at a very high quality in their Liquid Diamond live resin vape carts.

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  Buddies Exotic cartridges “Bake with Buddies.”   Let’s be real, cannabis is your buddy — and Buddies Brand is happy to supply premium grade of your favorite buddy.
Concentrates operate in different capacities, with Buddies Brand you can find the extract that suits your lifestyle.
Buddies Brand always provides the best knowledge from industry experts on the team.
  And just like a real buddy, you can rely on Buddies Brand to be transparent and intentional.
   Buddies Brand’s mission is to guide you on the journey of high-grade, cannabis-derived concentrates.
however, The extraction artists do the science — you do the dabbing and vaping.
   History   Crafted by long-time buddies. Buddies Brand’s founding team have been part of the cannabis industry for over 15 years. They also happen to be buddies from high school.
These east coast transplants relocated to pursue the plant they love, cannabis.
While developing Buddies Brand, it was essential to the founders to produce something that welcomed everyone. And so came the name “Buddies.” Since the earliest days, their journey has taken them from a single style of extraction to multiple — allowing the team to become versatile.
All thanks to Buddies Brand’s many friends.   Process   “Good in, good out.”

Buddies Exotic cartridges FLAVORS:

– Sour Tangie
– Skywalker OG
– OG Kush
– Sour Sunset
– Blackberry
– Banana
– Koala
– Raspberry
– Grape
– Orange
– Fruit Punch
– Blueberry Kookies
– Krunch Berry Kush
– Purple OG Kush


Buddies Exotic cartridges Brand is part of a network of growers dedicated to cultivating the best quality cannabis.
also, They seek out Clean Green Certified gardens and visit to ensure they are pesticide free.
    One the flowers reach their peak, the master growers carefully harvest for extraction.
secondly, Products Buddies Exotic cartridges Brand craft-concentrate facility the old friends gather around and utilize premiere live resin technology.
    Both their fresh frozen flowers and solvent separated material transform into premium extracts in a format of your choice.
however, Dab, twax, both?  Whatever your fancy, Buddies Brand has large selections of crumble extracts are on deck.
also, Dab on Vortex Terp Sugar or SFV OG. Inhale the purest sensations with live resin, the bud appeal each strain had shines through each of these translucent beauties.
Fire OG is a deep amber live resin served up in thick, sticky crystal chunks.
Sweet Tooth, on the other hand, is a ball of joy with rich-orange hues that emulate the texture of melting sugar cane.
Buddies offers THC Dripper in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties. Enjoy Buddies with portability.
Vape with discretion and ease with their Jilly Bean Live Resin Cartridge, available in Chiesel, D2 and many other strain varieties.
  Lab Testing Count on Buddies Exotic cartridges to be lab tested. All concentrates are fully panel tested by Lightscale Labs and SC Labs.

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