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Flavors : Berry, Blueberry, Citrus, Pine, Sweet
Effects : Creative, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing
May Relieve:Anxiety, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Depression, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Inflammation, Insomnia, Mood Swings, Muscle Spasms, PTSD,



Never drink blue moonshine, but definitely take a hit of the indica-heavy Blue Moonshine if you get the chance. THC levels are nothing extraordinary, topping 13% in some tests, but that makes this a great medical choice for occasional tokers and first-timers. The pungent fruity flavor and aroma, reminiscent of blueberries and citrus, give this strain the Blue half of its name. The Moonshine part comes from additional notes of fermentation in the taste and smell.

No one seems to know much about what plants gave rise to Blue Moonshine. Also, the same is true of the exact balance of sativa to indica. CBD levels are very low, too low to recommend this strain to patients who suffer from epileptic conditions and other disorders that respond to that chemical. Expect a calming, euphoric body high with sleepiness, a tingling sensation, and a boost of creativity. Use this strain as effective treatment for anxiety, depression, mood disorders, muscle spasms, chronic pain, insomnia, and stress. The usual side effects are likely: cottonmouth, dry eyes, dizziness, headaches, and limited paranoia. Sold mostly in California and Colorado, this strain can also be found on the medical market in Oregon.


1/2Ibs, 1/4Ibs, 1Ibs, 1oz

15 reviews for BLUE MOONSHINE

  1. surfingramps

    I search constantly for a strain that will provide long lasting relief for my gastrointestinal disorder. this blueberry’s child does just that! hours of quality, medicinal relief!

  2. MaryJamie937

    great body high great to smk if can’t sleep

  3. dankguy

    Ridiculously good bud if u like a dank indica. A deep high. Someone said it before but a bit hash like.

  4. Defro81

    Wow, I haven’t felt this couchlocked in a long time. One bowl, I’m down and stoney. Pretty gnarly munchies though.

  5. dankshydro

    Very tasty! Smooth hits. Starts with a body high and then the relaxation kicks in.

  6. Crusnic

    Before: Meh, not as keen as I thought I’d be to smoke. Smoking Joint: Woh, hitting fast. Calling it, not smoking the last quarter. High: I feel like dancing 😀

  7. SuperRickHenry

    Oh My!!! Thanks 420herbalganja! This stuff SLAPPED me in the face when I broke the seal…. Only thing I keep saying is OH MY!

  8. Chulah

    This strain is nice for people who are new to cannabis. I love this strain ! It helps me with pain, & I get the munchies like crazy lol but it helps to relax and it put me right to sleep.

  9. Xanadab

    This is intense. Very strong indica. Tried it two different times and felt like I was way too high and got a bit paranoid in public. I know this strain is popular but probably for higher tolerances.

  10. hellrazr72

    love it! tasty and a great high. if youre an indica lover… must try this.

  11. Danegilly1

    Super effective couch indica. Definitely my go to for sleep aid, giving a heavy relaxing head high that’s easy to nod off to.

  12. buttweave

    very relaxing. great for chronic pain or anxiety

  13. abarraza1

    Universal strain for someone who is anxiety prone. Aids with my diagnosed depression. Good for office work, creative work, restaurant industry related work. Allows me to maintain focus and uplifted energy. But also good to end the night with. This strain works with me rather than against me. Boosts my creative flow and music experience. My go to strain. So happy I found something that works.

  14. nutcase911

    Blue Moonshine is related to the White Widow strain family. That’s partly why the buds are so dense and covered in crystals. The smoke, smell and flavor of this strain are strong earthy and fruity. The smoke hits my chest in huge clouds that are likely to have me coughing. The high is powerful and very stoney. The full body effect is likely to cause me couch lock.”

  15. nutcase911

    Dope shit. Just what I wanted and the delivery was perfect as on time and save.Thanks bro for the shit

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