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Flavors : Diesel, Skunky, Sweet
Effects : Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy
May Relieve: Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Migraines, Nausea, Stress



Death-Star is an indica cannabis strain that emits a pungent diesel-like aroma that also bears a similar taste on the exhale which includes hints of citrus. The cured nuggets of this strain produce an mix of both light and dark green leaves with hints of blue tinging its edges, along with sparse amber pistils.

Death-Star was featured in High Times in 2010 and is a cross between the infamous Sour Diesel which is where it gets its scent, and the indica Sensi Star.

THC levels ten to average between the high teens and mid-20’s. Death-Star has been reputed to creating a happy but spacey state of mind, among its users, while bringing the body into a lightly numbing relaxation. Some have experienced couch-lock or sedation while trying Death Star while others like it for its potential to increase appetite.

Death Star generally receives high ratings for its reported ability to fully the relax both body and mind.


With its strong green and orange coloring, solid structure, and a very nice coating of frost, Death Star haS a classic yet impressive look. Made up mostly of large calyxes well-covered in trichomes


Maybe the highlight of this strain, the aroma was very pungent, both pre and post-grind. The sour fuel stank carried notes of rubber, menthol, and lemon but also had a strange sweetness lingering in the background. The combination of those smells made this one really noteworthy and impressive to our staff — great choice for Diesel-lovers.


Very much like the smell, the taste was a slight sweet Diesel-dominant flavor with hints of citrus and soil and hash. The sweetness was elusive and seemed to come and go, but when the whole package was present, it was top-notch.


A building pressure in the eyes and around the back of the head and temples started things off. With an increase in heart rate and some perspiration happening at times. The body started buzzing early on and that kept up throughout the experience. Though it turned to more of a warming feeling as it went on. The Indica side of this cross showed up almost out of nowhere. With a couchlocked yet mentally clear and social effect coupled with the warm and relaxed body. This one seemed to depend on mood and time of day a bit, as a large dosage in the evening sent one reviewer to bed unexpectedly. But most daytime reviews were very relaxed but not narcotic or sleep-inducing.


1/2Ibs, 1/4Ibs, 1Ibs, 1oz

15 reviews for Death-star

  1. Wildassblow

    I couldn’t not finish a blunt I took atleast 3 breaks😓. The smell is strong and beautiful and taste was earthy and smooth it broke apart sooo nicely not very very sticky but didn’t just fall apart either. I think it’s a good strain made me hungry gave me a good amount of entertainment to do what wa…

  2. Dalene42334233

    Holy shit balls!! I love Death Star! Totally relaxed and pain free! 😁

  3. Jenn54

    There is a great Euphoria in the Force…Sooooo relaxed. No pain. Just got from my 420herbalganja in new york. Signing off to experience the second wave of Euphoria that hits a few minutes later….for me a warm tingling in my chest that spreads to my mind.

  4. jetco

    I love this bud for bed time, a little goes a long way. So relaxing it sends me off to dreamland.

  5. KittyKat8678

    Love this strain!! It actually makes me get up and clean.

  6. Jefewaldo74

    i had a euphoric experience and it was beautiful. shipping was also on time and got safe

  7. abbx666

    I’ve only smoked this strain once and let me just say…. I thought I was in gta with really bad connection lagging. 🤣🤣 it was hilarious it definitely one of my favorites.

  8. Bcsmi321

    This is the strain I have kept in my we draw just for days like this when I can’t sleep and my brain is running 6000 km an hour this stuff calms you down and put you to sleep unbelievable happy feeling

  9. LoveBud92

    Love It relaxing and makes u happy. thanks for the safe delivery

  10. Saruhh96

    Absolutely amazing strain!! Heavy hitting indica that put me right down. It was great to smoke before bed as it made me very sleepy. The high is euphoric before you fall asleep. 10/10 would buy again!

  11. 420mcnasty1400

    This high is really relaxing kick back eat some snacks and watch a movie I haven’t had any complaints from my customers the smell is definitely deceiving, the high is better then the smell to me .

  12. HazedHailz

    When smoking this strain out of a bowl I felt sleepy, dizzy, and had a severely dry mouth. This would be best for people who have either trouble sleeping or don’t want a ravenous appetite when smoking ✌🙂

  13. 123am

    This product had me relaxed and sleepy. I enjoyed it while watching “Space Dandy” and Woooo baby! I only blinked for 3 seconds and I woke up as a new man, reborn into this World. I have to say this is a great sleep remedy.

  14. symbolicsloth

    Takes nearly a nug to do much but when it does… broken mind couchlock. Questioned whether or not life was the trip. I can’t say it’s a bad strain but to me it’s the first I’ve had to consume this much to feel high at all.

  15. TeddyKO2

    VERY potent smell, opened it up in the house and instantly filled the room, waiter called out my brother in a restaurant because he had some on him (in good humor). The high will help disconnect you from worry/pain with an almost drunk like head high. Very pleased with it but it’s not great in all situations, I smoke it in similar settings that I would drink.

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