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This product is high-potency and recommended for experienced consumers. Absolute Xtracts presents their easy-to-consume 100mg THC Soft Gels. By utilizing high quality cannabis distillate and precision dosing, Absolute Xtracts has created a cannabis soft gel that is ideal for users looking to find long-lasting relief. High-quality organic coconut oil (MCT) is also added to aid in the absorption of the cannabis oil in the body. Instructions: Take 1 capsule with water. Allow 1 to 2 hours to take effect. Ingredients: Cannabis Oil, Coconut Oil, Gelatin. Each capsule contains 100mg THC. Each bottle contains 10 capsules. Net Wt. .48oz.

100mg THC Sot Gels (ABX). Absolute Xtracts, or ABX, is a reputable producer of clean, supercritical CO2-extracted cannabis oil. All the oils are derived from plants cultivated using sun-grown, pesticide-free methods. And the testing speaks for itself! The Ganja Goddess is delighted to now offer the Soft Gel Capsules along with the ABX cartridges!

Absolute Xtracts’ new Soft Gel Capsules are made with potent THC cannabis oil in an easy to consume, precisely dosed, flavor free soft gel capsule. Each blend offers batch to batch consistency of active THC in a price effective solution for everyday use.  Available in 25 mg nighttime blend, 50 mg THC, and 100 mg THC soft gels.

100mg Soft Gels is a highly concentrated, fast-acting formula for experienced consumers only. Each capsule contains 100 MG THC from full-spectrum cannabis.

100mg Soft Gels
100mg of THC per capsule, 1000mg of THC per package. 

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    Awesome delivery and good product as well

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